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iSocket Smart Sockets

iSocket Power Sockets are intelligent sockets designed for different purposes: to switch or reboot electrical equipment remotely from anywhere in the world, to monitor power and report power failures to your mobile phone, and to monitor different environmental elements, such as temperature. They also have security and safety monitoring features when used with iSocket Sensors, e.g. you can monitor motion, door opening, water or gas leakage, detect smoke and fire, etc. When a sensor is activated, a message is sent to your phone and you can act accordingly. These sockets are controlled wirelessly via the mobile network using standard mobile phone SMS-commands or through apps for Smartphones. You can manage them from wherever you are. Moreover, you do not pay any monthly fee to the manufacturer or dealer.

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iSocket EcoSwitch

Model number: ISGSML706US; Plug/Socket: NEMA 5-15, North America

US This socket is suitable for use in your country

A simple solution from a European manufacturer, for free of charge remote switching and rebooting

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iSocket HomeGuard

Model number: ISGSM707US; Plug/Socket: NEMA 5-15, North America

US This socket is suitable for use in your country

6-in-1 solution mainly to build a monitoring system to trigger low-voltage equipment (e.g. siren) and with remote sound monitoring

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iSocket PowerWatch

Model number: ISGSML707US; Plug/Socket: NEMA 5-15, North America

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A solution mainly for power outage monitoring, includes remote switching/reboot features

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iSocket Alarms & Sensors

Create your own home security & safety system based on iSocket devices. We prepare our sensors for easy installation. In most cases all you need to do is the final wiring and assembly. When used together with main units from the iSocket Smart Sockets or iSocket Smart Home Systems families, you will get the best solution for security & safety monitoring at minimal cost.

iSocket Smart Home Systems

Devices from the iSocket Smart Home Systems family are mainly designed for integrators and advanced users who want to build an advanced system in their smart home. For example, iSocket Smart Relay is a complete system for your home, which has several relays, several alarm inputs and supports a few external temperature sensors. iSocket® Smart Software installed in these units provides plenty of options to configure whatever system you want. If a simple solution from the iSocket Smart Sockets family is not enough for you, take a look at iSocket Smart House Systems to build your smart home with iSocket.

iSocket M2M & DIY

Do it Yourself - create your own Remote Control-, Temperature Monitoring- and/or Alarm System. iSocket GSM modem kits, GSM alarm boards, power supply for GSM modules, embedded systems and other solutions for integrators. Based on iSocket smart devices you will be able to build low-cost, but effective remote monitoring systems.