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I want an alert in the event of a break-in

Are you a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme? You want to know when there is a thief in the house? Are you thinking of buying a simple home alarm for your remote cabin where you don’t have Wi-Fi? We offer hassle-free, ready-to-go solutions for security monitoring based on our iSocket Smart Plugs and sensor kits. iSocket Smart Plugs operate over the cellular network, independent of Wi-Fi and therefore secure and reliable for alarm monitoring purposes. iSocket Sensor Kits are wired solutions - that means they are not dependent on batteries, thus more reliable and secure.

iSocket Environment Pro with Kit1

This kit is similar to the above, but iSocket Environment Pro does not have a built-in microphone and micro-relay output. However, it has an input for an external temperature sensor for precision temperature monitoring. Both kits work well as home alarm systems. Choose what you prefer. Compare the smart plugs here.