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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our customers place a quantity order for iSocket for exactly this purpose. They offer iSocket as a reward to their clients during different presentations or other promotional actions. iSocket works as a simple remote power switch. The elegant design of iSocket will be received positively by your customers and they would certainly appreciate getting a gift of an iSocket. Moreover, customers will not have a problem understanding how this simple remote switch and reboot feature works.
We co-operate with many manufacturers of heating equipment. Most of them just offer iSocket to their customers as a simple solution for remote temperature and power control. iSocket supports precision remote temperature monitoring and you will definitely appreciate having this elegant solution to offer to your customers.
iSocket with Temperature Sensor Specific would probably fit your requirements best of all, if you can provide access for the cable to the freezer (the cable is about 3mm in diameter). This socket will also monitor a power outage. You can buy a sample here. If you have a valid VAT number (for customers from European Union) you may enter this number on the checkout to get VAT 0% prices. If you plan to order more than 100 units for your own project please fill this form and the responsible person will contact you.
Since 2021 we offer Plug-and-Go iSocket. You may use two iSockets for your heaters fitted with a plug. For direct wiring you will need to figure out a workaround yourself. However, if you are asking about power outage monitoring, then you probably need just one iSocket that is installed on the same electrical network as all your four appliances. Please see details in other sections of this FAQ. You can order iSocket here.
We do not offer free samples, but we do have a fair reimbursement policy. You can purchase samples and we will reimburse the difference between the price you have paid, and the price of your bulk order, on receipt of your confirmation order for Minimum Order Quantity units.
We have customers who use iSocket for the remote reboot of ATMs, web cameras, visitor’s counters in supermarkets and other applications where equipment with a plug hangs up and can be rebooted remotely to get it operating again. We offer just one iSocket since 2021 and remote reboot is an essential feature of it. iSocket can also send power outage alerts.