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I want to be able to restart a Wi-Fi router when it hangs

Want to reboot a router remotely if the Wi-Fi hangs up? How else if not via cellular! All iSocket Smart Plugs are cellular and remote reboot or switching is the feature that comes as standard for all of them. Just plug your router into the iSocket and you can reboot it by simple texting REBOOT should it become unresponsive.

iSocket 3G

iSocket 3G is the new smart plug to operate on any 3G mobile network worldwide. Remote switch or reboot are standard features of this model. It will also alert you about power outages. Smart Thermostat and remote temperature control features are also supported by this model.

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iSocket EcoSwitch

The simplest budget model that can switch or reboot your router or any other appliance remotely. It supports a reboot by call or text message.

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iSocket PowerWatch

This smart plug will also reboot your router remotely, but it will even notify you when power fails or is restored!

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iSocket HomeGuard

With this model you can not only reboot your router when it hangs and get an alert when power fails, but you can also create a simple home alarm system with SMS or call notifications.

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iSocket Environment Pro

This model will perform a remote reboot, send a power cut alarm, monitor the temperature remotely and more…

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