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iSocket Smart Sockets

iSocket Power Sockets are intelligent sockets designed for diffe... Read more

iSocket Power Sockets are intelligent sockets designed for different purposes: to switch or reboot electrical equipment remotely from anywhere in the world, to monitor power and report power failures to your mobile phone, and to monitor different environmental elements, such as temperature. They also have security and safety monitoring features when used with iSocket Sensors, e.g. you can monitor motion, door opening, water or gas leakage, detect smoke and fire, etc. When a sensor is activated, a message is sent to your phone and you can act accordingly. These sockets are controlled wirelessly via the mobile network using standard mobile phone SMS-commands or through apps for Smartphones. You can manage them from wherever you are. Moreover, you do not pay any monthly fee to the manufacturer or dealer.

iSocket 3G

A solution for power outage and temperature monitoring remotely

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iSocket PowerWatch

A solution mainly for power outage monitoring, includes remote switching/reboot features

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iSocket Environment Pro

A solution for precision temperature monitoring for any environment, security and safety monitoring for your home or office and power failure monitoring

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