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I want notification of a water leak

To prevent a flooded basement due to frozen pipes or thawed ice? Or other water leak problems? Our iSocket Smart Plugs, together with the iSocket Water Sensor are the recommended solution for flood detection – you get an immediate notification to your cell phone. You don’t need Wi-Fi at home – iSocket works via the cellular network. You can just buy a SIM card from your favorite operator.

iSocket Environment Pro with Water Sensor

This kit offers you a simple solution for water leak detection and notification. You can even connect a pump to the plug that will drain the water in the event of flooding. It’s a ready-to-go solution that doesn’t require wiring or frustrating configuration. Buy the package and save on the total cost. Click on each product to see technical details.

iSocket HomeGuard with Water Sensor

The difference between this kit and the one above is that iSocket HomeGuard has an additional micro-relay output to switch low voltage equipment, e.g. valves. This model of smart plug also has a built-in microphone for remote listening. If your main application is water leak detection we would still recommend that you use the iSocket Environment Pro, together with a sensor.