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Alarm Sensors Kit 2 (Smoke)

For Smoke Alarm (Mobile Fire Alarm) with alerts to mobile phone.

Manufacturer: Joint development under iSocket Systems control

EAN: 6430038550026

Model number: ISKIT2

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50% off if you buy together with iSocket or other alarm KITs
50% off if you buy together with iSocket or other alarm KITs
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Alarm Sensors Kit 2 (Smoke) (ISKIT2): Overview

This set includes high quality Smoke detector and special cable (5m/16ft) for wiring - all that you need to make a simple mobile fire alarm system when use together with iSocket Smart Sockets. We prepare our sensors for easy installation. In most cases all you need to do is the final wiring and assembly providing you have a basic knowledge in that area. When used together with iSocket Smart Sockets, you will get a home fire alarm system at minimal cost.

You may also use this set with iSocket Smart Relays. If you use this with the iSocket Smart Relay you will need to remove the phone connector jack and wire up your own connection. Alternatively you can use your own cable, providing it is a high quality alarm grade copper cable.

Suitable for different cellular fire alarm systems. Especially tested and approved for use with iSocket devices.

Which sensor should you use – "Smoke" or "Smoke & Heat"?

Both sensors can be used for fire alarm alerts. The "Smoke & Heat" detector gives more peace of mind, since it recognizes not only smoke, but also a high temperature (>57 Celsius or 135F). However this sensor is not suitable to use in premises where the high temperature is normal. If you install the "Smoke & Heat" sensor in premises of this nature, it may send false alarms. For such conditions "Smoke" detector would be the best.

What's included

  • Smoke Detector (1pcs)
  • Cable 5m (16ft) (1pcs)
  • User Manual (1pcs)

Alarm Sensors Kit 2 (Smoke) (ISKIT2): Features

  • Top quality technologies to avoid false alarm
  • High reliability, because of the reliable wired connections that use special professional copper alarm-grade cable, 5m (16ft)
  • High security, because the connection cannot be interrupted by wireless scanners
  • Maintenance free, because you do not need to check and change batteries
  • Top quality connectors
  • Suitable for different smoke detection and fire alarm systems
  • Especially tested and approved for use with iSocket devices
  • Simple GSM fire alarm in a few minutes when use with iSocket Smart Sockets
  • Text/voice notifications to your mobile phone in a case of smoke detection, email alerts

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