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Any iSocket will send power outages alerts by text or voice messages or emails. Since 2021 we offer hassle-free Plug-and-Go iSocket with integrated connectivity that works out of the box. You can order your awesome iSocket and start receive power loss alerts immediately.
Yes, iSocket sends alerts about both power outage and power restore, to any amount of numbers or emails.
It will text any amount of numbers. We use a top quality li-ion battery that is sufficient to power a mobile module even after a break in the mobile network. We avoid using super-capacitors (as cheaper products do), because these are not reliable enough for the above process.
Si prega di notare che iSocket ha bisogno solo di una batteria al fine di informare l'utente di un calo di tensione nella rete elettrica (rete AC). Se l'alimentazione manca, non si dispone di energia elettrica in casa e quindi non si può fare nulla con gli apparecchi elettrici. Pertanto, non vi è alcun motivo che iSocket continui a funzionare da una batteria. Non appena iSocket vi ha inviato un messaggio su una caduta di tensione, andrà in spegnimento. Dopo che verrà ripristinata l'alimentazione, esso invierà di nuovo i messaggi. Questa logica è valida per alcuni prodotti dalla famiglia iSocket Smart Sockets, che supporta la funzione iSocket® Power Notifier. I prodotti professionali per gli integratori della famiglia iSocket Smart Home hanno più opzioni dopo un'interruzione di corrente. Ad esempio, iSocket Smart Relay può continuare a monitorare la temperatura dopo un'interruzione di corrente per alcune ore e inviare le misurazioni della temperatura sul vostro telefono cellulare. Tutti gli iSockets che supportano la funzione iSocket® Power Notifier, hanno una batteria ricaricabile di qualità agli ioni di litio che è sufficiente per alimentare un modulo ed inviare un avviso di interruzione di alimentazione al vostro telefono cellulare, anche se ci fosse un malfunzionamento nella rete. iSocket attenderà un segnale e poi invierà un messaggio. Non usiamo super condensatori come i prodotti a buon mercato dei nostri concorrenti, perché i super condensatori non possono fornire abbastanza energia e gestire una situazione in cui si è persa la rete mobile. Usiamo solo batterie di alta qualità ed è per questo che la nostra funzione di allarme di interruzione di corrente è affidabile. Guardate il video sul nostro canale YouTube sulle caratteristiche di interruzione di alimentazione di iSocket.
iSocket will send a power failure message immediately after it detects that supply to it has been lost. There could be some latency but in most cases power outages longer than 1 second will be reported. Professional iSocket® Smart Software is designed to send both power outage and power restore messages no matter what the delay was between these two events. It means that even if power has been restored in the same second that it failed and the unit had not even shut down yet, you will receive both messages. This helps to understand that there has been a short power interruption, but now there is power in your network again.
iSocket can detect flickers/glitches (by fact, outages) of at least 100ms duration when the setting of power failure delay is set to "0" (it is set to 1 second from the factory). Of course, different factors should be taken into consideration, such as capacitance, length of wires, etc. It is important to understand what exactly means the outage for iSocket. The outage is a drop of the mains power (input power provided to iSocket) below ~90 VAC for ~100ms, while your equipment will be, and most probably must be, connected to the mains separately from iSocket. When you consider using any external glitches detection device which is not a part of the monitored equipment itself, you should understand that regardless of parameters of glitches/flickers an outage for a one equipment not necessarily will be the same for another. Generally, no one external device can guarantee 100% correct detection of glitches for another device, because characteristics of two devices connected to the mains separately will be different. You will either have false alarms or no alarms from time to time. Only a built-in facility of the monitored equipment itself can be considered as 100% guarantee if your concern are glitches. The recommended option if your concern are power glitches will be to use a small UPS or even a surge protector for your equipment so that it can survive short outages and keep iSocket for notifications about longer outages as there will be no any external device that can help you to detect such short outages. Worth mentioning, if you don’t receive a power glitch alarm with the setting of the power failure delay to zero but your equipment is switching off then your equipment really needs some frontend protection first - a protection that allows you to delay the outage.
The whole idea of iSocket is to report any outages without manipulating over them except a tiny setting that allows to eliminate flickers, otherwise it's the way to add a huge amount of confuses in settings and the way lost alerts. There simply can't be a simple (in fact, any) reasonable logic to implement big delays in the reporting without adding confuses and precedents of the lost alerts. However, you will get a power restore message too, so you always know the duration of the outage and you decide whether to go to the location to fix a problem (if power is not restored) or not (if power is restored in acceptable for your use case time).
If your outdoor pump is wired directly to the indoor fuse cabinet through a breaker, we would recommend that you install an indoor outlet after the same breaker and plug the iSocket into this outlet. Thus when the breaker switches off, iSocket will detect it, because power in the parallel outlet will also switch off. You may even have an indoor outlet in your house – please ask your local electrician. Check some other questions in this FAQ that cover similar subject.
Please note, iSocket can only be used indoors, however ways can be found to get around this. In most cases an outdoor appliance is powered from an indoor electric supply and in some cases you may even have an indoor outlet connected to the same network. If you only need to detect a power failure and do not need to switch your outdoor equipment remotely, then you could plug the iSocket to the indoor outlet. Since the electric network is the same and connected in parallel, when the power fails it will fail on this indoor outlet as well. iSocket will detect this and you will get a power failure notification. You may consult with a local electrician about how your system is wired and he could probably help you with the installation. If your outdoor equipment has a plug that can be routed from inside the premises then you may consider doing that and move the iSocket indoors.

Another option is to use special insulated boxes which allow indoor equipment to be used outside, but please note that temperature and humidity conditions must be kept in mind - to merely protect against rain/snow is not enough.

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Tutti gli iSockets supportano almeno 10 numeri per gli avvisi, ma alcuni modelli possono supportare anche più numeri. Potete trovare le informazioni dettagliate nel Manuale Utente. Non avete bisogno di uno smartphone per lavorare con l'unità. Inviate un messaggio a qualsiasi telefono che può accettare e visualizzare i messaggi. Guardate il video sul nostro canale YouTube sulle caratteristiche di interruzione di alimentazione di iSocket.