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iSocket GSM Modem Kit 1

Kit with all accessories, for designing your own remote control system

Manufacturer: iSocket Systems, Finland

EAN: 6430038554116

Model number: IGSMSMKIT1

iSocket GSM Modem Kit 1 (IGSMSMKIT1): Overview

iSocket GSM Modem Kit 1 is a set from the iSocket M2M & Do-It-Yourself family which will allow you to design your own remote control system. The set includes an iSocket Smart GSM Modem, power supply, battery, temperature sensor and other small accessories (see what's included).

The systems you build with this set can support remote safety and security monitoring, remote reboot and switching, remote temperature monitoring and remote sound monitoring of a room. You can configure your device from a PC via USB and then manage it from your mobile phone. The software supports some operations by call for free e.g. remote rebooting and remote switching.

What's included

  • iSocket GSM Modem Kit 1 (IGSMSMKIT1), base model with terminals for 5 inputs and 6 outputs, OEM package (1pcs)
  • External rubber GSM antenna (1pcs)
  • Dual Output Open Frame Switching Power Supply with 16A relay installed (1pcs)
  • Temperature sensor 0.5m (1.64ft) with terminals (ITS05T) (1pcs)
  • Straight, 3 poles, 10mm pitch, 16A rate terminals (1pcs)
  • 70mm cable, reversed (1pcs)
  • 1300-1500mA/h Li-ion cylindric battery with 3 pin connector (1pcs)
  • USB cable (1pcs)

iSocket GSM Modem Kit 1 (IGSMSMKIT1): Features

  • 5 alarm inputs for external logical sensors
  • 6 outputs, Open Collector
  • Support 5 external temperature sensors
  • Support temperature monitoring even after power failure (battery included to package)
  • High-sensitive microphone on-board - remote sound monitoring of a room
  • Configuration via USB from PC
  • Management and basic configuration via SMS from mobile phone
  • Free of charge operations by call for turning on/off, restart and pushbutton
  • Power from AC, from open frame dual output INTPSU

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