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EXTREME backorder campaign for all iSocket products!

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Now you have a real chance to get acquainted with iSocket at rock-bottom prices. We have started our back-order campaign and dropped prices to an insanely low level for all iSocket products for a limited time. Read more
Extreme discounts for iSocket

iSocket & Mobile Networks

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New technologies are changing global mobile landscape. Here in iSocket Systems we keep an eye on such changes. Long before mobile operators realized theу need to have a special standard for IoT devices, we predicted the emergence of such standards in the future. The era of Narrow Band standards has… Read more

Welcome to CECO HOME in Amsterdam!

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iSocket Systems have introduced several new products and services and received a good deal of recognition in the last six months. The most exciting project is the CECO HOME ecosystem that received its first award from the Thread Group in November 2015. We plan to demonstrate this project to you at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam 26-27 May 2016. Read more
iSocket Systems, CECO HOME, awards and nominations

iSocket Reviews, Testimonials, Feedback And Application Stories From Customers

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iSocket has been on the market for a while. We have helped many consumers and businesses to solve their problems related to power outages, safety and security. Read what customers say about iSocket. Read more
What customers say

iSocket Sprouts Wings – Report From The IoT Connect Show In London

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We now understand how our Smart Plug manages to slip away from us. But at last we caught it at the IoT Connect Show last week in London. See the report. Read more
iSocket flies to help you with your Power Outages and other problems :)

iSocket 3G in London

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iSocket in the capital of Great Britain. When? Why? Read more
iSocket in front of Tower Bridge

A very special invitation to London #WTS2016

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You have probably already heard about The Wearable Technology Show (#WTS2016) in ExCel London 15-16 March? We will be there with 3 global launches. But the most intriguing part is my famouse cellular orange jacket. ;) Read more
Man in orange jacket - CECO man

CECO MODULE – Lift The Veil Of Secrecy Over The New “Cellular with Thread” Module

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The awesome world's first Cellular with Thread module for #IoT - connect whatever you want, wherever you are. Geeks’ mouths will water when they see this! Read more
CECO MODULE - The World's First "Cellular with Thread" Module, for IoT

iSocket Systems Are Launching 3 New Products In London This Month

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The IoT Connect Show at ExCel London is rapidly approaching. In association with The Wearable Technology Show (#WTS2016), IoT Connect will bring together the whole ecosystem to discuss the future of connected devices. This is the №1 event for Smart Devices and obviously iSocket Systems wouldn’t miss this! Read more
3 new products from iSocket System in London

iSocket Found In Barcelona At #MWC16

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Today the Mobile World Congress 2016 began. We found iSocket in Barcelona. We thought we had caught it, but there were about 100,000 visitors at #MWC16, and we lost it in the crowd and it ran away again. Read more
iSocket at the World Mobile Congress 2016

WANTED: iSocket. Fugitive From Finland Is Sought In Spain!

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As we told you earlier, we lost iSocket 3G, because it didn’t like the cold Finnish winter. And where do you think we found it? Spain! iSocket flew over rooftops… It took part in a movie shoot on the street with Spanish stars… But when it decided to break in to the Royal Palace… Read more
Fugitive from Finland is sought in Spain - iSocket

iSocket 3G Escapes The Finnish Winter

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MISSING! We experienced really severe conditions in Finland in January this year and we decided to freeze our new iSocket 3G. It objected, and left us! Read more
iSocket 3G escapes the Finnish winter

Why Do Some Electronics Work In Cold Weather And Others Don’t?

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My customers often ask me: “What would happen if I used device in very cold conditions?”. Let me explain why some devices can be used in a cold environment and some cannot. Read more
Frozen phone

Aircraft Engine Preheating Remotely With iSocket

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Aircraft owners all over the world have used our smart plugs to start aircraft preheaters remotely for many years. Here is the story from Thomas from Germany. Read more
iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

iSocket 3G – Full Of Features For Users And Developers

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Take a look at iSocket 3G to see the many features we offer for both smart home owners and for developers. We are innovators of power outage monitoring and iSocket 3G was primarily designed for power outage tracking - therefore... Read more
iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android