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I want to know when a temperature rises or falls outside the limits

Monitoring of the temperature in a fridge, freezer, cryostat or aquarium is a simple task for iSocket. Do you have a boiler or heater in your remote cabin (without Wi-Fi) and do you require a remote smart thermostat? Not a problem for iSocket - it is cellular and therefore operates independently of Wi-Fi - to send you reliable alerts of temperature falling or rising outside the limits.

iSocket with ambient temperature sensor

Use this kit if you want to monitor the temperature close to the plug – for example, temperature in the room – or if you want to use iSocket Smart Plug as a thermostat for your heater. This new iSocket support iSocket Smart Thermostat and other advanced features for temperature monitoring. Please note that since it measures ambient temperature you need to consider location for the iSocket units very carefully.

iSocket with Temperature Sensor Specific

This kit is good for heavy-duty conditions such as a fish tank with salt water or a boiler that heats up to 212F (100C). Temperature Sensor Pro has IP68 class protection with a temperature range from -67F (-55C) to 248F (120C). This new iSocket support iSocket Smart Thermostat and Energy Saving & Equipment-Friendly Mode (ESEFM). This also can be used for vaccine storages remote temperature monitoring.