iSocket 3G (IS3GUS): Overview

iSocket® 3G is the world’s first 3G smart plug that notifies about power outages and temperature changes on remote sites directly to a cell phone via modern 3G networks, without using cloud connections - to eliminate delay or possible failure and make such notification reliable. iSocket 3G does not require Wi-Fi or any other Internet connection at the remote site, but a cellular network – either GSM or 3G (HSDPA) from operators such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Rogers, Bell, Telus, Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and many others worldwide.

While prompt notifications are the main features of iSocket 3G, it has plenty of other features on its software. Among them are a smart thermostat and remote reboot by a call. For example, you can reboot your router when it hangs remotely and even do it free of charge. You will find a list of almost all features in the user manual (see Support tab). For developers who want to use API we recommend you to join our project CECO HOME and subscribe to Developers news list.

Temperature monitoring. With a precision external sensor (see Accessories tab) connected to iSocket 3G you can measure the temperature of almost any element: air, water, oil, solid surfaces, etc. Information about temperature will be sent to your cell phone. iSocket will notify you when the temperature rises beyond, or falls below specified levels. iSocket has a thermostat that turns equipment on and off according to your settings. The unique features of iSocket® Smart Software allow you to create an advanced temperature monitoring system.

How to manage iSocket 3G. This smart plug is controlled remotely by text messages and therefore can be managed from any cell phone – either smartphones or “classical” cell phones from any manufacturer. While pure texting mode is the best way to go right from the box, iSocket 3G has an API developed by iSocket Systems that enables third parties to build any apps and services around this product. iSocket Systems will also provide simple apps to work with iSocket 3G – see Support tab.

No fees. iSocket Systems do not charge monthly fees! You pay once for the equipment - up front - and you are then free to buy a SIM card from any provider you like or use prepaid SIM cards. We provide some advice on suitable SIM cards for different countries. We also plan to sell devices with SIM cards in the future. When using prepaid cards without monthly fees and pure texting mode to operate with the device, the cost of ownership will be minimal.

Security. iSocket 3G has been designed with rigid security in mind. We protect your device from unwanted intrusion. Using cellular network technology instead of a Wi-Fi connection raises the level of security significantly

Remote update. This new iSocket supports FOTA (Firmware Over The Air). If your SIM card provides a data connection, you can update remote firmware very simply. Please note, the SIM card will be charged for traffic as per rates of your SIM card provider. The traffic is just a few kilobytes. Ensure there is uninterrupted power to your iSocket during a firmware update.

iSocket 3G (IS3GUS): Features