INTPSU-12-4 Mini (INTPSU124M16AST70RWD): Overview

This is a unique commercial Power Supply Unit (PSU), which was designed specifically to meet the power supply requirements for SIMCom’s GSM-modules. Most other PSU’s have a standard output of 3.3V or 5V. In the first case the voltage is not sufficient, in the second case, you need an additional converter. Our PSU has a 4V output for direct connection to VBAT of GSM-module SIM900 or other modules, which has a nominal voltage of ~4V. The PSU noise level is the lowest in its class. It is also special designed for burst-mode of GSM-modules, which is one of the main advantages of this PSU.

Tailor-made Solution for GSM alarm/control systems

The PSU has a 12V output. This voltage is often used in GSM-alarm systems to power the various sensors. This is also the common voltage used for relays. A unique feature of %product% is the positioning of the relay and fuse protection on PCB. Layout for the most common types of relays is used. The circuit is designed for a maximum current of 16 Amps!

Universal connection, all included

The PSU is designed for technicians who are familiar with soldering. Using a socket-type input is often an inconvenient solution. With this in mind, iSocket Systems has provided a unique solution. Holes with a pitch of 10mm are used for the input. This solution allows the wires from the power plug to be soldered directly to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This also allows installation of the appropriate terminals and connectors with the same 10mm pitch. For your convenience PSU is supplied with terminals, which can be used if needed. For the output, a popular wafer-connector with 2mm pitch and rated at 2A is offered. A matched connector for your second board and a suitable cable are also included in the package.

Universal mounting arrangement in the housing

The PSU has special cut-outs to accommodate the various components. In addition to the standard mounting exterior to the PSU, you can also choose to use the compact method of installing, so saving additional space. The PSU has a low profile and is suitable for installation in the 1U housing.

Any housing without affecting the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)!

Despite its small size the %product% has an EMI filter and requires no additional components in order to meet the necessary standards of electromagnetic compatibility. In addition to a metal cabinet, the PSU can also be mounted in a non-metallic (e.g. plastic) case, with no negative effect to the EMC. To solve this problem special components are installed on the PSU. Compliance with all requirements is confirmed by an independent accredited laboratory and the PSU has all necessary certificates.

INTPSU-12-4 Mini (INTPSU124M16AST70RWD): Features