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Frequently Asked Questions

New iSocket for USA is now available! This FAQ is outdated. Go to order new iSocket from www.isocket.us/order. You will find a new FAQ there.
You do not require specific knowledge or an electrician to install the iSocket Smart Socket. Just plug iSocket into a wall socket, configure it using SMS commands and use. For professional users and integrators we offer products in our iSocket Smart Home family. These DO require special skills for installation.
Yes, the device requires a SIM-card. Check the specification of each device to establish what type of card is required. You can use prepaid (PAYG) or contract SIM cards. If you use prepaid cards do not forget to activate them according to the requirements of the operator (read more).
The device is managed by SMS or call. You pay for the incoming SMS or call according to the tariffs of your operator. In most cases it is free. The device sends SMS’s to you - you will pay for these messages according to the tariffs of your operator. You can also configure the device so that it does not send confirmation messages and therefore does not reduce the credit of the installed SIM card. Some operations, e.g. rebooting or switching, can be configured to operate for free.
Each product on "The World of iSocket" website has an individual webpage where we place all information about that product. You will find detailed specifications for a product in the “Technical Specification” tab on the individual page for each product.
Please check out this webpage to find the comparison table which describes the main differences for products from the iSocket Smart Socket family.
Products from the iSocket Smart Sockets family have been designed for consumers. You do not require specific knowledge to install and use smart sockets. They are plug-in devices. The products from the iSocket Smart Home family are products for integrators who undertake installations for their customer. These products require to be wired up and must be installed by qualified personnel with specific knowledge. In most countries only qualified personnel are legally allowed to perform installations on an AC network. However if you use products from the iSocket Smart Home family, e.g. iSocket Smart Relay in a house with DC voltage only (e.g. houses powered from sun panels), then you are most probably allowed to do the wiring yourself.
The warranty terms for products purchased from different retailers can vary. You need to contact the retailer who sold you the product in a warranty case. If you have ordered the product directly from our iSocket e-Store Global or another local iSocket e-Store, we offer at least one year full warranty from the date of purchase. For some products and some countries up to 3 years warranty is available. You will see the exact warranty terms when you place your order. If you experience a fault, please contact us via the support form on this page for further instructions. We aim to give you full satisfaction when dealing with warranty!
Please use the form on this page to contact technical support. We aim to reply promptly.
You have full rights to return a product in accordance with the terms of your retailer and the legislation prevailing in your country. If you purchase the product from our iSocket e-Store Global or another local iSocket e-Store we offer a full money-back guarantee up to 30 days. The product must be returned in its original condition, with all accessories and packaging. Please check the terms of sale and return in each individual case with your retailer.
iSocket is designed with advanced unique technology - "iSocket Online 24/7" - that gets the device back even after a break in the mobile network. Your iSocket won't hang up. The status of the mobile network does not affect the relay. This means that even if the connection is lost for a while, the iSocket relay will remain in the same status as it was before the interruption in the mobile network.
You may only connect appliances that are fitted with a plug to the iSocket Smart Socket. The iSocket Smart Power Socket has a 16A relay. This means that you may connect about 3500W load for countries with ~230VAC (European countries and most other countries) or about 2000W load for countries with ~120VAC (e.g. North America). This applies for continuous resistive load. If your country has limitations (e.g. 13A in UK) please follow the regulations in your country. You can check the Technical Specification for each iSocket on our website. If your need to connect heavy loads you may consider our professional products for integrators from iSocket Smart Home family. For example, you can connect almost any load you want to iSocket Smart Relay, using contactors.
You may use some models of iSocket (e.g. iSocket Environment Pro) together with a motion detector or door opening sensor. You only need to connect these sensors to the input of iSocket with a special connector (3.5mm phone jack). We offer different sensor KITs that are easy to use with iSocket. These sets have all you need for a quick and easy connection, and include a cable and connector. Usually we offer 50% discount when you buy sensor kits together with the main unit. Check our current offers for sensors on this page. If you require a complete alarm system with many sensors we would recommend you consider the products from our iSocket Smart Home family, e.g. iSocket Smart Relay. You can also use our sensor kits with iSocket Smart Relay. Connection of devices from iSocket Smart Home family, however, requires specialist knowledge from you or help from a qualified electrician.
Some models from the iSocket Smart Socket family may have either a built-in-, or a support external temperature sensor. If you are looking for a solution primarily for remote temperature monitoring, we would recommend iSocket Environment Pro with an external temperature sensor, because this supports precision temperature monitoring. iSocket models with a built-in temperature sensor (e.g. iSocket HomeGuard) do not measure temperature very precisely, because measurement is affected by the electronics inside the unit. All professional products for integrators from iSocket Smart Home family support an external temperature sensor, up to as many as 5 on one bus. iSocket reads temperature information from the sensor every minute and uses the value for further processing according to your settings: switch on/off power, alert to cell phone, enable output, etc.
iSocket is designed to be used in a dry environment. We have tested it down to -30C in Finland, but NOTE that the device has a li-ion battery that is not suitable for use at extreme cold temperatures. The device is therefore rated to work down to -10C. More details can be found in the Technical Specification for each product on our website. Read more about use the device in cold weather.
For a house in France it would be better to buy the model with a French plug. If you browse our website from the UK you will see models with a British plug in the list first. Please click "Show products for other countries" on this page and you will see a list of products (iSocket Smart Sockets) suitable for other countries. Ignore the warning on checkout which says that you are going to buy a model with wrong plug. You see this warning because you are ordering a model with a French plug from the UK.
All iSockets support at least 10 numbers for alerts, but some models can support even more numbers. You can find detailed information in the User Manual. You do not need a smartphone to work with the unit. It will send a message to any phone that can accept and display messages. Watch video on our YouTube channel about power failure features of iSocket.
In the future we plan to release 3G models of iSocket with internet protocol, more devices in iSocket Smart Home family for professional integrators with support of an EOL resistor and something else that we would like to keep a secret :) Be assured that we are in step with modern technology and regularly monitor the market and developments on mobile networks. You may subscribe to our news updates when you send any form from our website (contact, support, cooperation) or make a purchase. Just tick the checkbox at the end of each form. We will add your email to our list and will inform you when new products are released. We will not use your email for any other purposes. Alternatively, you may Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Subscribe to our YouTube channel or Add us to your circles.
Yes, we would be glad to cooperate with you. Please use the cooperation form on this page and tell us more about your company and application.
New iSocket for USA is now available! This FAQ is outdated. Go to order new iSocket from www.isocket.us/order. You will find a new FAQ there.