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Frequently Asked Questions

New iSocket for USA is now available! This FAQ is outdated. Go to order new iSocket from www.isocket.us/order. You will find a new FAQ there.
We have a full 100% burn-in test during manufacturing. We also perform a functional test immediately before dispatch. We send the command "ON" and check that the relay is switching and a connected appliance (lamp) turns on. We also check that the unit sends a confirmation. Then we check the unit with the command STATUS to check the signal quality. We reject units if the signal quality is lower than usual for the area where we perform the test. If the product has a temperature feature and is ordered with a temperature sensor we test it and check that it shows temperature correctly. Then we also check the power failure feature for devices where this feature is available. Finally, we reset the device to the default and package it for dispatch. Rest assured that you will receive a fully tested product from iSocket.
We use FedEx or DHL for delivery. We dispatch your order usually on the same day or the day after purchase. We aim to dispatch promptly. FedEx then need from 3 to 7 days to deliver the order to you. If you are in the European Union it will be delivered faster, because no customs clearance is required. For USA and Canada we use FedEx Priority and they usually deliver within 3 days.
If you are shopping from iSocket e-Store Global, depending on the country to which you require delivery you will see either prices with Finnish value added tax (VAT) or tax-free (VAT 0%) prices. The amount you see will be final. We will not charge any other additional fees on check out. If you buy for a country outside the European Union, customs clearance may be required. We offer different payment terms depending on the country. If you are a company in the European Union and you have a VAT number you can purchase without VAT if you pay against a proforma invoice. See full terms on this page.
We do not see your credit card data at all and do not keep it on our servers. Your credit card information is processed on a gateway with trustworthy payment processing. We only receive instruction from the processing gateway that payment is confirmed. They do not send us any details of your credit card. We also offer PayPal as a payment method. When you use PayPal you do not need to add credit card information at all, because it is stored on your PayPal account. At all stages, starting from the browsing of our website, we offer protection of all your data, such as name, last name. address etc, because we use secured SSL, https protocol.
We do not normally issue discount coupons, but if you received one on the Internet or directly from us, you may use it on our website. We sometimes offer attractive discounts on our products. You will see these when you buy through the iSocket e-Store Global. If you read this question we consider you to be an interested customer who reads the FAQ’s before ordering and therefore we are prepared to give you another discount coupon for your order. ;) Please contact us through this form for this purpose.
We send invoices via email in pdf. If you need a paper printed invoice please contact us and we will post it to you. We always include printed commercial or proforma invoices when shipping outside of the European Union for customs purposes.
New iSocket for USA is now available! This FAQ is outdated. Go to order new iSocket from www.isocket.us/order. You will find a new FAQ there.