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Frequently Asked Questions

New iSocket for USA is now available! This FAQ is outdated. Go to order new iSocket from www.isocket.us/order. You will find a new FAQ there.
We would recommend you check our professional products in the iSocket Smart Home family. For example, iSocket Smart Relay has few outputs and allows you to manage several loads from one subscription. You may also find our products from iSocket M2M & DIY family useful. For example, we can supply iSocket Smart Modem in OEM packaging and this modem has all the features you need for remote power monitoring, remote temperature monitoring and for creating an alarm system.
Our units are controlled through the mobile network with SMS commands. To control all units with one piece of software you have to develop some pool or gateway tailored for your own needs. Some of our corporate customers do this. We can recommend some software developers who can create software for your specific needs or you can probably find existing solutions on the market.
We co-operate with many manufacturers of heating equipment. Most of them just offer iSocket Smart Socket to their customers as a simple solution for remote temperature and power control. Our new iSocket Environment Pro supports precision remote temperature monitoring and you will definitely appreciate having this elegant solution to offer to your customers. Other manufacturers use our products from the iSocket M2M family to integrate remote control directly with products. Contact us through the cooperation form and we will offer the best option for you.
Please contact us through the cooperation form. We collect a base of electricians in different countries and we plan to share this information with our customers when they request help with the installation of iSocket Smart Relay in their country. When you contact us please provide information about your qualifications and your license to perform electrical work as well as your prices, so that we can advise our customers accordingly.
A new iSocket Environment Pro with long temperature sensor would probably fit your requirements best of all, if you can provide access for the cable to the freezer (the cable is about 4 mm in diameter). This socket will also monitor a power failure. You can buy a sample directly from our iSocket e-Store Global. If you have a valid VAT number (for customers from European Union) you enter this number in the payment section if you pay against a proforma invoice. We will then issue a 0% VAT proforma invoice for you. If you plan to order more than 10 units please apply for a discount coupon for iSocket e-Store Global. If you plan to order more than 100 units please fill in a cooperation form and the responsible person will contact you.
We do not offer free samples, but we do have a fair reimbursement policy. You can purchase samples from iSocket e-Store Global and we will reimburse the difference between the iSocket e-Store price you have paid, and the price of your bulk order, on receipt of your confirmation order for Minimum Order Quantity units.
We have customers who use a simple model iSocket EcoSwitch for the remote reboot of ATMs, web cameras, visitor’s counters in supermarkets and other applications where equipment with a plug hangs up and can be rebooted remotely to get it operating again. Some customers prefer the iSocket PowerWatch, because it can also send power failure alerts. If power outage monitoring is not required we would recommend you use the simple model that is tailored exactly for your purposes – iSocket EcoSwitch.
These products are supplied as OEM solutions. For programming and documentation please use the documentation and software for the iSocket Smart Relay, since the same modems are used in the Smart Relay. You will find a list of all documentation for the iSocket Smart Relay and links to software on this page.
New iSocket for USA is now available! This FAQ is outdated. Go to order new iSocket from www.isocket.us/order. You will find a new FAQ there.